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Tailor Made Solutions

Simply Choose the Following Package Offer that PAW provides in each Business Development Stage.

Or Contact Us for your Own Tailor Made Services.

Package A

Cute Papillon Dog

Analysis, Planning and Feasibility

  • Client gets relevant, legitimate and sufficient information for decision making.

  • PAW helps you to minimize uncertainty and provides a clearer path.

Package B

Grey Kitten

Business Start-Up

  • Client gets faster entrance in the market, minimize cost, complexity and disruption.

  • PAW helps you on selection of optimal customers and ensure cohesive branding.

Package C

Pitbull Portrait

Initial Business Development

  • Client gets robust product launch and foots on the ground to execute and supervise without having direct personnel in other countries.

  • PAW helps you to provide accurate and timely feedback and quick reaction to deviations.

Package D

Big Cat with Bandana

Continuous Business Management and Growth 

  • Client gets day to day management to meet project goals and action plans to correct deviations.

  • PAW helps you to identify new opportunities to grow in market.

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