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Package B

Business Start-Up

01/ Regulatory Clearance

  • Regulatory process

  • Documentation requirements and Cost involved

  • Oversee the process until completion

02/ Initial Customer Acquisition

  • Recommendation of commercial organization

  • Negotiate contracts and terms

  • On boarding (internal set up, product training, forecast, initial order)

03/ Appoint Task to Internal Organzation

  • Task list

  • Task mapping to internal resources

  • Internal training

04/ Adjust Internal System to International

  • Documentation for export

  • Task mapping to actual system

  • Facilitate testing

05/ Marketing Start-Up

  • Marketing plan

  • Budget

  • Supervise adherence to Brand

  • Client gets faster entrance in the market, minimize cost, complexity and disruption.

  • PAW helps you on selection of optimal customers and ensure cohesive branding.

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