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Package C

Initial Business Development

01/ In-Market Organization

  • Provide human resources for regular presence in market as needed

  • Regular customer and key account meetings

02/ Product Launch and Retail Presentations

  • Customer and key account presentations and training

  • Pet Fair attendance

  • Coordinating marketing initiatives

  • Supervise adherence to Brand

03/ Management

  • KPI’s follow up and reporting

  • Results review

  • Deviation identification and action plan proposal

  • Troubleshooting

04/ Forecasting

  • Monthly Planning

05/ Order Process

  • Close follow up on documentation flow

06/ Logistics

  • Close follow up on product flow

  • Client gets robust product launch and foots on the ground to execute and supervise without having direct personnel in other countries.

  • PAW helps you to provide accurate and timely feedback and quick reaction to deviations.

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